PrintHand for Android

To download PrintHand for Android from Google Play please click here and select Install. You can also scan this bar-code directly from your Android device and get PrintHand quicker.

To install PrintHand for Android from our site please click here. Make sure your device allows applications from places other than Google Play (Unknown Sources), controlled through settings. Open Settings, select Applications or Security (depending on your device), and then select Unknown Sources.

If you decide to print in Share Mode with your printer connected a computer, you'll need to install free PrintHand Client for Mac or Windows.

PrintHand for Android is free to try printing only the test page. In order to print real pages you will need to upgrade to Premium Mode. You'll be prompted to so do so from within the application right before printing. To ensure compatibility we recommend you print test page first. You can also purchase PrintHand Premium app without further need for upgrade. In either case, it’s a one-time fee that gives you unlimited printing and, future upgrades and priority customer support. If you change your Android device in the future, our support specialists will assist you activating your license there. In most cases it will happen automatically.

If you need multiple licenses, take advantage of our discount program by making PayPal payment.

Users Discount % Price Annual cost
15 5% USD 10.44 USD 156.60 Buy Now
30 7.5% USD 10.17 USD 305.10 Buy Now
50 10% USD 9.89 USD 494.50 Buy Now
100 15% USD 9.34 USD 934.00 Buy Now
200 20% USD 8.79 USD 1,758.00 Buy Now
300 25% USD 8.24 USD 2,472.00 Buy Now
500 30% USD 7.69 USD 3,845.00 Buy Now
1000 35% USD 7.14 USD 7,140.00 Buy Now
1000+ Contact Us

Note: You don’t need to have an account with PayPal and can use one of the major credit cards. For alternative payment methods such as wire transfer or US check, please contact our support.

Also, you can purchase license on Alipay: