Bulk Licensing

Take advantage of our volume discounts when licensing our mobile applications:

Users Discount % Price One-time cost
15 5% USD 20.89 USD 313.35 Buy Now
30 7.5% USD 20.34 USD 610.20 Buy Now
50 10% USD 19.79 USD 989.50 Buy Now
100 15% USD 18.69 USD 1,869.00 Buy Now
200 20% USD 17.59 USD 3,518.00 Buy Now
300 25% USD 16.49 USD 4,947.00 Buy Now
500 30% USD 15.39 USD 7,695.00 Buy Now
1000 35% USD 14.29 USD 14,290.00 Buy Now
1000+ Contact Us

Note: You don’t need to have an account with PayPal and can use one of the major credit cards. For alternative payment methods such as wire transfer or US check, please contact our support.

We offer Flexible Licensing Model, where you’d pay for only what you need at the moment, but can later upgrade to higher licensing tiers taking advantage of the discounts for the entire block of licenses, as if you purchased it initially. For example, you may purchase a block of 200 licenses with 20% discount, and later upgrade to 500. You’d only pay the incremental cost to match the amount for 500 licenses with 30% discount for the entire block.

Once the purchase is made, we’ll send you an activation code that needs to be entered once on every device. We can generate one code for all your users, individual codes for each user or anything in between (for instance, several codes one for a group of users). Alternative activation methods are available for higher licensing tiers.

When you upgrade to more licenses, you may use the same activation code (the licenses will be added to it) or request a new one.

Note: according to our policy, for device replacement, we can re-activate up to 10% of the licenses you purchased initially.