Google Glass用PrintHand

If someone told you in 1980 he’s about to command his glasses to take a photo and print it right away in the same room, it would sound like a science fiction. In some countries, a person would end up in psychiatric evaluation. Not anymore. In 2014, we’re glad to announce PrintHand for Glass printing application (glassware), arguably the first in the world.

At this stage, PrintHand for Glass is an experimental application, much like all of the other glassware available today, and Google Glass itself. It’s another fun way to explore what Glass can do, and where it can be used. Indeed, PrintHand for Glass is free to use. We’ll be happy to hear from your experience with glass printing. Send you comments and feedback to

Download PrintHand for Gooogle Glass.

What else do you need to know?

You can upload PrintHand into your Glass unit by using the Android Debug Bridge, a command-line tool “adb”. Unless you have it on your computer already, you need to install adb for your platform first. For more information on adb and how to use it, please visit

To upload PrintHand simply connect your glass to a computer with a cable, and then invoke “adb install PrintGlass-1.0.apk” command. In a few seconds you’ll see additional glassware with PrintHand icon on your device, as well as the “Print” prompt on the first screen, right after “OK, Glass”. In the future, we’ll publish PrintHand on so you can install it in just one click.

Once you said or selected “OK, Glass”, and a few seconds later in the next screen, “Print”, you’ll see the list of photos to choose from (if the list if empty, go back and make some nice shots first). Then, PrintHand will try to find WiFi printers on the local network Glass is connected too (don’t forget to switch Glass WiFi on and make sure it works).

Currently, PrintHand for Glass supports only direct WiFi printing, with Glass and the printer (or computer sharing the printer) connected to the same network, and only prints photos available on the device. We’re planning to add remote printing as well as adding more objects to print, mirroring PrintHand for Android functionality as much as we can, given the limitations of the device.

Have a good Glass Print!