Shared Cloud Printing

Shared cloud printing is similar to Private. The only difference is that the cloud is running outside company’s network and is hosted by PrintHand.

If you don’t want to run the printing cloud, or at least don’t want to start with it you can let us run and manage it, providing the same functionality as the private one. The service will be running on one of the major hosting platforms such as Amazon, Google, etc.

The Shared Cloud is dedicated to your company and does not intermix with any other services or data flows in any way. We can help migrate the cloud and its data to your company’s infrastructure making it a Private Cloud, shall you decide to do this.

At any time, you will have full access to your hosted cloud at all times. Company administrator can manage the cloud itself, its users, printer directory and jobs the same was as with Private Cloud.

Note: All users and computers connected to printers need to have Internet access.