Direct Cloudless Printing

Direct printing is the most popular option for individual customers and small businesses, and it can be used by larger organizations as well. There are many cases when deploying a cloud does not make sense, involving unnecessary data communication with many implications. Much easier zero-turnkey direct (cloudless) printing is a good alternative, and/or addition. Users with PrintHand app installed on their or company devices, can connect to the printers available on the same network, within Bluetooth range or (surprise?) with USB cable connection. No cloud needed.

The content - office files, attachments, PDF, images, etc. is rendered on the device and then sent to the printer without a computer. PrintHand application, available on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone), automatically detects available printers and prompts the user to select the one to print to. In order to do so, the mobile application runs the driver which communicates with the printer much the same way computers do.

PrintHand offers a collection of more than 3500 drivers covering all major printer manufacturers. In addition, it provides generic drivers that can be used for compatible printers.

One of the requirements of Wi-Fi direct printing is the mobile device and the printer need to be connected to the same local network (LAN). If a printer does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, it can still be used for direct WI-Fi printing by connecting it to a Wi-Fi capable print server.

Bluetooth printing requires pairing of the mobile device and the printer. Selected printer models can be detected with Near Field Communication (NFC) protocol by simply getting a device physically close to the printer (about 2’’ / 5 cm) with the rest of configuration happening automatically. USB printing requires a cable and for most devices a small connector from mini-USB to Type A USB.